Who is Labat?

Labat, otherwise known as Alex Labat or SNLabat, is a Twitch Partner who plays variety games and is a NoPixel Roleplayer (Mr. Delicious). He is an Associated Press award-winning former broadcast news anchor/producer/reporter for KATC, the ABC affiliate in Lafayette, Louisiana. Whenever he isn’t streaming he can be found spending time with his wife and son.


How Do You Pronounce Labat?

The pronunciation for Labat is (luh-bot) or (lah-bawt).

What Does Labat Mean?

While Labat is primarily a surname that belongs to notable people like Alex Labat, French clergyman and botanist Jean-Baptiste Labat and DJ LB aka LABAT, it is rooted in both French geography and history.

The surname has origins meaning “priest”, “clergyman” or “abbot”. This is intrinsically tied to its French topographic history as a name for people who resided in the “valleys” of Aquitaine, France where much of the Labat lineage can be traced back to.
One notable Labat was Pierre-Paul de Labat, a French engineer who oversaw the construction of the “Port Royal Fort” in what is now Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.

This fort would be the site of Le Grand Dérangement, or the Expulsion of the Acadians in August of 1755 from what was then called “Acadia”.

These settlers would eventually colonize and settle in Louisiana. Acadiana, otherwise known as Cajun Country, is where the descendants of these exiled Acadians now call home. Ironically, another Labat would work to have this area officially recognized in Google Maps and on Google Earth.

Even though Acadiana was recognized by the Louisiana legislature in 1971, Alex Labat worked with Google to create and add this area to its map platforms in 2018.


Who Does Labat Play on NoPixel?

Labat plays and voices the character of Maximilian Delicious, otherwise known as Mr. Delicious. An enigmatic character often seen in the company of Kiki Chanel, Labat can often be seen playing the character of Mr. Delicious on his Twitch channel. Mr. Delicious owned and operated Delicious Relations, where he famously created advertisements and commercials for fellow roleplayers in NoPixel as well as creating high-definition headshot portraits through Delicious Relations.

Labat also plays and voices the character of Daximilian Malicious, otherwise known as Mr. Malicious